West, beautiful nature, well preserved temples and alive culture
     West side of Korea has beautiful nature including beautiful seaside national parks and some of beautiful mountains. This part has been a capital city for one of old dynasty called Baekje. West area also has many well preserved Buddhist temples.


<Home of Baekje Dynasty>


- Magoksa Temple

- Royal Tomb of King Muryeong      

  [UNESCO World Heritage]

- Gongsanseong Fortress

  [UNESCO World Heritage]

<Magoksa Temple>
<Gongsanseong Fortress>

Jeonju / Wanju

<Home of Joseon Dynasty>


- Jeonju Hanok Village

- Gyeonggijeon Shrine

- Daedunsan Mountain Cable Car

<Jeonju Hanok Village>
<Daedunsan Mountain>

Boseong / Suncheon

<Beautiful Nature and Old Village>

Popular Sites

- Boseong Green Tea Farm

- Songgwangsa Temple

- Naganeupseong Folk Village

- Suncheonman Bay Wetland Reserve 

<Boseong Green Tea Farm>
<Nakaneupseong Folk Village>


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