Seoul, the capital city of South Korea.
     Seoul has been the capital city since the foundation of Joseon Dynasty which started in 1392, so it has been main place for all major historical events such as Dynasty's ups and downs, Japanese invasion, Chinese invasion, Korean War and  Economic Development.
Seoul & Vicinity 1

<Central Seoul>


 - Changdeokgung Palace with Royal


   [UNESCO World Heritage]

 - Bukchon Hanok Village

 - Namsan Park with Seoul Tower

 - Dongdaemun Design Plaza

 - Gwangjang Traditional Market


<Changdeokgung Palace>
<Bukchon Hanok Village>

Gwanghwa Island

<Historic Island>


- Deokjinjin Fortress

- Ganghwa Mega Luge (Optional)

- Jeondeungsa Temple

- Ganghwa Peace Observation

- Hwamunseok Cultural Center

- Ganghwa Traditional Market

<Deokjinjin Fortress>
<Ganghwa Mega Luge>

Yongin & Suwon

<Folk Village & Hwaseong Fortress>


- Korean Folk Village with traditional


- Hwaseong Fortress

   [UNESCO World Heritage]

<Korea Folk Village>
<Hwaseong Fortress>


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